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December 11 2013


Post-Modelling: Careers off of the Ramp

All things in this world is subject to a couple of things, some time and change. In no other industry is this fact more evident than in the fashion industry. Beauty fades, that's definite. Yes, in an industry very often hungers for ���new faces���, where in your mid-twenties is recognized as ���old��� and in your thirties considered ���ancient���, it is important for models to think about life after their modelling careers have mislaid their luster. But what is there to complete when you���ve spent the higher section of your lifetime banking in your looks and your looks slowly disappear? Surprisingly, the concept of post-modelling careers is very vast all you���d have to do is think outside the box. - Modelonamission

Become a Brand
Undoubtedly the best samples of post modelling successes of the latest years happen to be Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. Having a considerable amount of hard work and perseverance, they've transcended the realm of modelling to change their names into brands of their very own. With tv shows along with other businesses they prove that becoming your personal brand opens a variety of possibilities.

Find Another Niche
Modelling isn't only way to earn money inside the fashion industry. Lots of models create a back-up by finding another niche inside the fashion industry to belong in. Iman for instance now runs her very own $25 Million dollar cosmetics company, Victoria���s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr also started her very own beauty line, Helena Christensen ventured into photography even though many more go to achieve success designers and fashion editors. Truly, using the insider information and first-hand experience model���s have in the market, finding another niche to belong in would definitely not be an issue.

Hollywood Here' Come
Let���s face the facts, many models see in the role of an all natural progression from your fashion industry and many have gone to be very successful on this pursuit, models for example Milla Jovovich, Charlize Theron and Cameron Diaz for starters go onto pursue careers on stage and screen.

"When you think about it, there really is no end towards the possibilities of life after modelling. The only real limits might be your own personal creativity and determination."

Returning to school
You can also pursue go back to school and produce a Bachelor���s Degree in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophies like Christy Turlington, run for the Estonian Parliament like Carmen Kass or perhaps become First Lady of France like Carla Bruni. With all the smart investments of the assets you���ve gained and a good amount of effort, a great career after modelling is a sure possibility. - Modelonamission

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